Member Services Committee

The purpose of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC) Member Services Committee is to provide our members with useful tools that aid their ability to serve their healthcare clientele. First, we offer a Member Toolbox that houses checklists, charts, articles, and other such information that has been used by our members in their consulting businesses. Second, we look to NSCHBC sponsors for discounts that offer useful service to our members.


Catherine Lightfoot, CPA, CHBC Member Services Chairperson


The Committee Chair communicates the vision, purpose, and tasks that are delegated to the committee. The Chair organizes and facilitates phone conferences and in-person meetings, if as geographically possible.

Mission Statement

The Member Services Committee’s mission is to provide tools for the members of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants that will promote growth and efficiency in their consulting lives.

The Role of Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee consists of individuals that have the desire to work more efficiently and effectively.  Committee members are required to devote about an hour a month for phone calls and delegated tasks.  Members should be able to work as a team and contribute their ideas and opinions. The Committee prefers individuals who will monitor the ListServ frequently and attend the NSCHBC Annual meeting. The Member Services Committee also interfaces and supports other committees. For example, they helped the Vendor Committee in assisting with obtaining sponsors for the Society meetings.


We meet once a quarter via conference call and Committee members who attend the Annual or Winter workshops will meet at that time.

Join Our Committee

Please contact me to learn more and join NSCHBC’s Member Services Committee