Statistics Committee

The purpose of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC) Statistics Committee is to provide the most accurate, statistical information regarding the Healthcare Business Consulting industry to allow our society members the ability to benchmark and analyze statistics from their practice against other similar practices in the industry. This statistical information is released in the Annual NSCHBC Statistics Report on Medical

and Dental Income and Expense Averages.


Karen Mosteller, CPA, CHBC
Statistics Committee Co-Chairperson


The Committee’s Co-Chairs promote and manage the deadlines of both data submission and scrubbing, to ensure that the report is finalized in a timely manner. The Co-Chairs also support our members through the process of data entry and ensure that the program being used is the best solution for the stats software.

Mission Statement

The Statistics Committee’s mission is to provide the most accurate and beneficial statistical information regarding the Healthcare Business Consulting industry to NSCHBC society members.





Victoria Loyola, CPA, CHBC
Statistics Committee Co-Chairperson

The Role of Statistics Committee

The Statistics Committee collects data from participating NSCHBC society members, from January 1 through June 30.  The data is then scrubbed multiple times to ensure its accuracy and superior quality.

Once all the data is collected and scrubbed, the Statistics Committee releases the Annual Statistics Report. This report is free to any Society member who submits information to be included in the report.  Other members may purchase a copy of the report.

The Statistics Committee assists with the process of data entry and also works with members who wish to participate in the Annual Statistics Report. The Committee also answers questions related to the software program used for data collection. This platform software is reviewed regularly to ensure that the best and most accurate statistical information is provided.

The committee welcomes feedback regarding platform and the process.


We meet quarterly via conference call, and Committee members who attend Annual or Winter workshops will host an in-person meeting at that time.

Join Our Committee

The time commitment for the Statistics Committee is minimal.  Members shall participate in phone conferences and plan to assist in the data scrubbing process, which requires significant attention to detail.

Please contact us to learn more and join NSCHBC’s Statistics Committee