Technology Committee

The Technology Committee establishes information technology (IT) planning priorities, resources, and policies in order to provide the most efficient service to the members.  The Committee is also responsible for setting the technological direction of the organization including policies, procedures, standard reviews, recommendations, and priorities for capital requests.  It also recommends new IT strategies, while keeping abreast of IT developments relevant to the NSCHBC.


David Everett, CMC, CHBC
Technology Committee Chairperson


The Committee’s Chair coordinates activities that promote research related to technology solutions for our members and our members’ client base. The Chair also organizes outreach activities through the Society’s website and social media to those working in the healthcare industry and the general public.

Mission Statement

The Technology Committee’s mission is to assist the NSCHBC through technological solutions, including our website and social media.

The Role of Technology Committee

The Technology Committee works to provide an effective communication tool for the use and benefit of the NSCHBC members. The Technology Committee also works to support other committee chairs when needed, which includes the managing and monitoring of the Society’s resource, both public and private.


We meet once a quarter via conference call and Committee members who attend Annual or Winter workshops will meet at that time.  Meetings may occur more frequently based on project status.

Join Our Committee

Please contact us to learn more and join NSCHBC’s Technology Committee.