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Behaviorand Mental Health: Sustainable Telehealth Model

WW2021 - Telehealth 2021__Now and after PHE ends

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Many physician practices have been reaching out asking, “Can we bill an office visit CPT code for a phone call with a patient?” The answer: Maybe. Did the encounter include audio and video capabilities?. “Will we get paid the same as if the patient came to the practice?” Answer: depends on the payer. "Can we bill for giving test results over the phone now? Answer: We will address this question and many more to make sure practices are compliant in their Telehealth coding and billing practices now and after PHE ends. More and more questions keep flooding in, and we will have the answers for you. This is essential to your livelihood and your patient population to get their care! Also, once the Public Health Emergency ends will the flexibilty's under the waiver 1135 end as well in 2021? Learning objectives for the webinar include: 1. Explain the 1135 Waiver authority 2. Exactly what services are covered under the Telehealth concept 3. Patient’s share of cost during this time of uncertainty 4. Knowing what providers can provide Telehealth services 5. HIPAA concerns for the Telehealth services 6. Post-PHE Telehealth rules and reimbursement differences
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