Membership Committee

The purpose of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC) Membership Committee is to recruit, retain, and validate members for the organization that will provide value to the organization and its active members.


Tami Cindrich, CPA, CHBC
Membership Committee Chairperson


The Membership Chair identifies individuals that could provide valuable insight to the NSCHBC organization.  Additionally, the Membership Chair reviews all membership applications for accuracy and verifies, if approved, that the applicant is placed in the correct membership level. The Chair also reviews websites, social media, and other reference points to ensure that potential members are professionals with high integrity for the industry.

The Membership Chair collaborates with other committees, NSCHBC staff, and current members to guarantee the best overall experience and opportunities for all participating audiences.

Mission Statement

The Membership Committee mission is to provide NSCHBC members with valuable relationships through professional membership that will enhance the Healthcare Business Consulting industry and their professional organizations.

The Role of Membership Committee

The Membership Committee reviews and validates membership application to ensure that each applicant is qualified, and placed in the best membership category regarding the applicant’s experience.  This committee also evaluates and identifies potential contacts and connections in the industry, who will bring valuable knowledge and experience to the NSCHBC organization.

The Membership Committee works ensure that each member gets the most out of their membership, while following the Bylaws that are in place to keep the integrity of the NSCHBC.


Meetings are held as needed via conference call. Committee members who attend the Annual or Winter workshops will host an in-person meeting at that time.

Join Our Committee

The time commitment for the Membership Committee is minimal.  Committee members should plan to participate in phone conferences and set aside time to review applications for potential members monthly.

Please contact me to learn more and to join NSCHBC’s Membership Committee.