Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee for the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants, unlike other committees within the organization, consists of a set of five members, three from the Executive Committee and two elected. The Past-President presides as the Chair of the Nominating Committee. The President and President-Elect hold two other seats. Finally, two non-Executive Committee members are elected to the Nominating Committee by the Voting Members at the Annual Meeting.


Robert C. Scroggins, JD, CPA, CHBC Nominating Committee Chairman

Mission & Role of the Nominating Committee

The profound obligation of the Nominating Committee is to select highly qualified candidates from the organization’s Active and CHBC certified members, who are interested in assuming a leadership role in directing the business of the Society, while serving on the Board of Directors. Board members serve for a term of three years. In addition, the Nominating Committee selects a special candidate each year for the Executive role of Secretary-Treasurer. This role requires a 4-year commitment from the individual since the Secretary-Treasurer will automatically ascend to the positions of President-Elect, followed by President, and, eventually, Chair of the Nominating Committee as Past-President. Board member candidates are placed on slate and voted on by the Active Members during the Business meeting at the Annual Conference. Proxies are made available to members who cannot attend the Annual Conference. In addition to these duties, the Nominating Committee also develops guidelines, policies, and procedures related to election and balloting to be approved by the Board as needed.

Committee Meetings

The Chair of the Nominating Committee determines the meeting schedule and organizes the members and NSCHBC administration in the selection of candidates. The timing of the meetings and the frequency will vary, but must be adequately scheduled to fulfill the obligations of the Nominating Committee with sufficient time for a slate of candidates to be sent to the voting membership. The slate must be sent at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the Annual Business Meeting.

Joining Our Committee and The Board

We are seeking skilled leaders to provide strategic and operational direction. This Committee requires critical and objective knowledge of the membership, in addition to experience with the organization. The Nominating Committee will always seek out members who express an interest in advancing the mission of the NSCHBC, or who voluntarily demonstrate involvement in the activities of the Society. We welcome any input regarding your own interest, or in recommending other members who you believe would offer positive influence in the advancement of the NSCHBC.

Please contact me to learn more and to join NSCHBC’s Nominating Committee.