Vendor Committee

The Vendor Committee develops and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with those companies that sell good and reputable products and services to the clients of the Society’s members. The Committee invites those vendors identified above to display their goods and services at meetings of the Society and coordinates the necessary activity between the vendors exhibiting at the meetings and the meeting planners.


The Vendor Co-Chairmen ….. << Body copy needed>>

Walter Janczewski, EA, CHBC
Vendor Committee Co-Chairman


Allen Stroud

Allen D. Stroud, CSC, CHBC, CPC, CVA
Vendor Committee Co-Chairman

Mission Statement

To provide …..<< Body copy needed>>

The Role of Vendor Committee

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We meet …. << Body copy needed>>

Join Our Committee

<< Body copy needed>> Please contact us to learn more and join NSCHBC’s Vendor Committee.