AR Management and Insurance Claim Mapping

May 22nd at 11:00am EST

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Description of session.
Areas to be discussed:
Evaluating the Accounts Receivable in a medical practice.

  • Operational Excellence to improve collections.
  • Mapping claims to discover areas that need improvement.
  • Work flow for the billing office and front desk.
  • Month end financial reporting to evaluate the Accounts Receivable.
  • How to evaluate current billing staff performance.

Click here to register for the free webinar May 22nd at 11:00am EST.

Presented by:
Cyndi Walker, CMC, CHBC, Medicus Billing and Consulting, Inc.
Medicus Billing and Consulting, Inc. is a full service medical billing company with clients Coast to Coast in all specialties. Developing the best practices for working the accounts receivable has been our business for 25 years. Cyndi will share business processes and financial reporting for reviewing the accounts receivable. She will provide work flow concepts for improving insurance and patient collections for a medical practice.