Excel Boot Camp


WIth Excel Boot Camp articles and videos, you’ll find more ways to customize the conditional formatting to get just the results you, your physicians, and your administrators need to see.

Excel Boot Camp #95 - multiple Conditional Formatting rules continued

Excel Boot Camp #95 continues our review of what Excel does when multiple Conditional Formatting rules are applied to the same cell or range of cells. Excel has a Conditional Formatting Rules Manager window that shows all of the conditional formats applied to a given cell or range of cells. If the formats conflict, such as the first rule shading cells red and the second rule shading cells green, Excel applies the higher ranked rule in the Rules Manager. You can easily change the priority of the rules with the up and down buttons.

Excel Boot Camp #90 - Top or Bottom Rules work in Conditional Formatting

Excel Boot Camp #90 is a straight-forward demonstration of how the Top or Bottom Rules work in Conditional Formatting. It’s easy to format the highest or the lowest items in a list, or with one click, you can highlight the highest or lowest percentage of values in a list.

Excel Boot Camp #88 - Formatting cells based on their values
Excel Boot Camp #86 - Icon sets