How to Enter Your Report Data 

The Statistics Committee has been very busy building the new statistics data gathering platform.
The program we are using for the new Statistics Portal is Salesforce and you will find it to be very user friendly. In addition to a new portal, the Stats Committee has incorporated requested enhancements of our Society Members.



  • Each firm will be given at least one license which allows for 5 users to enter data at the same time (let the stats committee know if that is not enough users)
  • Email Brenda Wright at with the following information:
    • Your Company Name
    • Your Name
    • Office Telephone Number (Note: for the initial setup you will be receiving a verification code from Salesforce to this phone number.)
    • City
    • Email that you would like associated with this user set up
    • Firm URL
    • Time Zone

You will receive a notification email from Salesforce with a link to set up your account.


After you create your account, you will need to set up your company and each pf the practices you will be entering data for. Once that is done, you can either enter your data directly into the portal or upload your data from and Excel spreadsheet. If you are entering your data into the portal and you see a red bar next to an input field, that is a required field. If you want to save your data and finish later, these fields must be completed to do so.

Data Import Instructions


The instructions are also saved in the portal in the Shared Documents folder under the DOCUMENTS tab.   Data must be submitted by Friday, June 30th, 2017


There are new (optional) data entry fields for Accounts Receivable Aging and number of Annual Encounters for specific CPT Codes. If you have the data, we encourage you to fill in the information. If you don’t have the data, don’t worry you will be able to submit your financial data without this additional information. However, keep it in mind for the end of year so that you can gather it for next year’s submissions.

Checks and balances have been loaded into the program so you will see error messages of possible data submissions errors. After reviewing and ensuring the data entry is correct, you will be able to insert notes to the scrubbers. This will help speed up the scrubbing process by enhancing the communication between you and the scrubber. Keep in mind that once you enter your explanation for the error, the error message will not go away but it will let you save and complete your submission.


Please email with any questions and one of the Statistics Committee Members will respond and help you with your request