How to Consistently Bring in Patients to your Practice in an age of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

April 4th at 12:00 pm EST

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It isn’t enough anymore to just build your web site, set it, and expect patients will just flock to your practice. Your site, which is your virtual practice, constantly needs updating of the right applications, plugins, and software regardless of the platform it’s developed in like WordPress. The reason for the this is two-fold: Google is changing up their search algorithms and the spin off effect for the applications, plugins, and software to keep up with it. Moreover, in an age of Artificial Intelligence devices using systems like Siri, Cortana, Google Home, and Alexa, patients are searching for what ails them in human language — Who can help me sleep better? If your web site content and programming isn’t ready for this, you’re missing out on 60% or more patients than you could be having.

In addition to how your site is constructed and the frequency it is updated, your social media presence and reputation management, which is tied to your social media accounts, also play a key role in patients finding you and identifying you as their provider of choice.

Our goal for this webinar is to give you key learning points or a check list on how to ensure your site is performing like a business development staff member that distinguishes your practices and recruits new patients to come into your practice while meeting the needs of your existing patients.

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Presented by:
Maureen E. Uy, MBA, PhD, Uy Healthcare & Dental Marketing