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When should you hire a Healthcare Consultant

NSCHBC Edge Podcasts - Episode 7

When should you hire a Healthcare Consultant?

In today's episode of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast, we answer the question, “When should I hire a healthcare consultant?”. Have you sprung a leak in your RCM? Do you re-negotiate or even review your insurance contract language on a regular basis? What about EOB review? You may have payment posters, but who in your practice is making the decision to appeal or write off denials or work those denials? Have you checked in on your E/M documentation and coding with the new 2021 rules for office visits? If you are a primary care or specialty practice are you utilizing your NPPs by adding Value-Added Services, like AWV or CCM? Terry talks with David Zetter of Zetter Healthcare today, to help determine, when you should hire a healthcare consultant to help achieve that long-term practice success.

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