Tax Update:
Planning Opportunities Created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

February 19th at 11:00am EST

Register for the NSCHBC free, 60-minute webinar.

In this webinar, Matt Shell, CPA, CFP will help attendees understand how the planning opportunities created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act can impact their day-to-day financial actions.

Click here to register for the free webinar February 19th at 11:00am EST

     Presented by: Matt Shell, CPA, CFP, Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Co., P.A.
     Matt graduated summa cum laude from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor of
     Science degree in Accounting and a Master of Science degree in Accounting and Taxation.
     He is a Certified Public Accountant and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢. Matt is the
     treasurer of the Estate Planning Council of Lee County and frequently serves as a program
     speaker with the Goodwill Industries Micro Enterprise Program.

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