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National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants

National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants

We are the Professionals in the Business of Healthcare

For nearly 30 years, the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC) and its originating organizations have provided an active forum for networking and knowledge sharing. NSCHBC provides members with an in-depth understanding of the constantly changing healthcare business environment – both medical and dental – that is unavailable anywhere else. At our core is the belief that knowledge is gained via continuous professional development, which grows exponentially when we share it with our fellow members through the exchange of insights and best practices. In turn, this helps deliver unparalleled benefits to our members and their clients.

Annually, the NSCHBC holds one advanced professional training retreat and one conference in great destination cities because education is one of the key tenets from which we learn and share knowledge. These events are the perfect chance to get away from the office to focus on learning, networking, and having a little fun with your fellow NSCHBC members. We invite you to attend one of our Upcoming Education Events.

The NSCHBC keeps members on the leading edge of healthcare business counseling through our globally recognized advanced professional certification program, Certified Healthcare Business Consultant(CHBC). This certification provides our members with the essential knowledge and credentials they require to successfully distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace. The CHBC designation recognizes individuals who achieved the industry’s highest standards. The requirements for certification are based on professional experience, written examination, and continued education to stay certified. Extending our knowledge to other professional groups is also at the heart of each of our members.

One of the key tools that we use to facilitate that dialogue is the gathering of medical and dental income and expense averages to create a comprehensive Practice Statistics Report for healthcare business professionals and providers. Non-NSCHBC members can purchase this report and utilize its sound insights to advise their clients on how to advance their practices towards greater success.

NSCHBC members also benefit from an exclusive set of resources known as our Member Toolbox. The Toolbox is where members can find innumerable resources such as benchmarking files, process improvement documents and tools, webinars, and past presentations. This portable professional library is available for members 24/7.

So don’t wait any longer! JOIN NSCHBC TODAY! and begin your journey to becoming one of the leading healthcare business professionals. We can’t wait to meet you!

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