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FAQs about becoming a Member of NSCHBC

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Why Join the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHBC)?
The NSCHBC provides an active forum for networking and sharing best practices, giving members an in-depth understanding of the healthcare environment that is unmatched. We believe in passing on unparalleled benefits to our members’ clients. As the premier society representing the best in the field of healthcare business consulting, the NSCHBC offers resources to keep you and your practice on the leading edge of developments in the business of healthcare. The NSCHBC provides ongoing opportunities for learning and networking, as well as a host of resources to help you market and grow your practice.




What are the Educational Resources offered by the NSCHBC?
With an annual conference and other events throughout the year, the NSCHBC offers sessions filled with relevant and timely information, and learning opportunities to help you keep up with the latest developments in the healthcare arena. These sessions provide educational hours that can be applied to certification and continuing professional education hours, and may be utilized for other certifications. As a member, you will have access to all speaker presentations and other resources/tools in our Members Only section of our Website.




Does the NSCHBC offer Certification?
The Certified Healthcare Business Consultant Certification (CHBC) is recognized as the Mark of Excellence in the business of healthcare industry. Through the NSCHBC, consultants and advisors have sought the very highest level of certification within their industry. Like a physician who is board certified, a CHBC has demonstrated mastery of a core body of knowledge within the healthcare business consulting field and is dedicated to maintaining professional standards.




Do I have to be certified to become a member?
No, certification is not a requirement of membership. You do have to be a member in good standing to take the exam and maintain your certification.




What Networking Opportunities exist within the NSCHBC Membership?
One of the most important benefits to many NSCHBC members is the interaction within the membership. Every member is willing to share with other members his/her knowledge, experiences, and most of all, successful ideas. In addition to education meetings and forums, where members have the opportunity to meet and share experiences, members interact daily with each other via a very active listserv. Members can ask advice, share ideas as well as best practices and exchange referrals.




How will being a member of the NSCHBC help me grow my business?
In addition to the education, networking, and certification opportunities, the NSCHBC also offers a web-based business referral service for inquiring potential clients. Located on our website, NSCHBC members can be identified by their specialty, certification, and geographic regions served. Many NSCHBC members are specialist consultants, and many work in teams, so the first place they look for other specialists is through searching the members directory at NSCHBC.




What other Professional Resources does the NSCHBC offer?
Each year the NSCHBC co-authors our STATISTICS: Healthcare Professional Practices Income and Expense Averages Report. This survey reports valuable data on medical and dental practice economics, including income and expense averages. This report is published annually to assist healthcare business consultants and their practices. The report is free to healthcare practices that participate in the survey and is available to members at a discounted rate.
In addition, NSCHBC members have access to a host of online tools and resources to help you grow your business: White papers, sample reports and documents, and much more are posted for members to review and incorporate into their practices.

As a NSCHBC member, you can use the NSCHBC name, logo or trademark on your stationary and other materials.




How does the NSCHBC promote our Industry?
The NSCHBC works to promote the healthcare business consulting industry through proactive media relations, advertising, exhibiting and marketing activities.




How do I join the NSCHBC?
Membership consists of individual members, not firms. Membership dues are $675.00 per year. In order to join the Society, prospective members must meet certain qualifications. We have established different tiers of membership contingent on your experience and presence in the healthcare industry. These are further defined at (link to Member Types on website).

A candidate for membership shall be an individual who:

  • Provides business/management consulting professional services to the healthcare industry.
  • Conducts himself/herself in a manner reasonably consistent with the Society’s Code of Ethics.
  • In the case of a Certified Member, passes an appropriate examination as determined by the Certification Board.
  • Meets such other reasonable and non-discriminatory membership requirements as the board of Directors may establish.
  • Pays the applicable fees.

Approval of any application for membership in the NSCHBC will be contingent upon:

  1. Review and recommendation of a submitted membership application by the Membership Committee.
  2. Submission of an application fee of $125.00.




What if I have more questions?

Membership inquiries are welcome! You can review more details in the Membership area of our web site or Contact Us

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