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NSCHBC Code of Ethics

NSCHBC Code of Ethics

The Committee on Bylaws and Ethics shall propose, and the membership, as it deems proper, adopt by not less than two-thirds vote of the Voting Members at any Membership Meeting, a Code of Ethics which shall be binding on Society members. To achieve this goal, members of the Society must reflect the highest standards of ethical conduct. Any member who offers to share time and talent with the Society is considered a volunteer and agrees to uphold the values of the Society and abide by the following code:

  • conduct themselves with integrity, high moral purpose, and in the best interest of the Society and their clients;
  • not, for personal advantage, subordinate their judgment to others or exploit client relationships, including those within the Society;
  • avoid or disclose fully in writing to clients all potential conflicts of interest that might arise out of financial relationships attributable to the member, any affiliate thereof, or any family member;
  • assume only those responsibilities for which they are qualified; and
  • regard all information acquired in serving their clients as strictly confidential;
  • understand that as a representative of the Society their actions will influence other’s perceptions of NSCHBC;
  • work to advance the mission and goals of the Society and not their personal agenda;
  • value colleagues, peers and staff and treat members to a welcoming professional and respectful atmosphere that is free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation of any kind for any reason; Ethics complaints should be sent in writing to the Bylaws & Ethics Committee. The matter will be kept confidential as it is investigated. If necessary, the relevant Committees will be consulted and included in the process. A final determination of an ethics violation will rest with the Board of Directors.
  • will not intentionally injure or impugn the professional reputation or practice of colleagues, clients, or employers;
  • will, as a member who is certified or will soon be certified, obey the rules of conduct in all test-taking procedures whether serving as a proctor or student. Any types of cheating or behavior not befitting a professional member will be grounds for termination of membership and removal of the CHBC credential.

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