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Behaviorand Mental Health: Sustainable Telehealth Model

Payer rules during PHE

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Payer rules during PHE (CMS Work Plan Audits), and post PHE Terry Fletcher, BS, CPC, CEMC, CCC, CCS, CCSP, CMC, ACS-CA, SCP-CA, QMPM, Terry Fletcher Consulting, Inc  Audio and Video Visits vs. Audio Only, PHE rules and what the 1135 Waivers allow  CMS vs Commercial Payers  eVisits and the rules of billing  Providers covered under the Telehealth PHE,  Examples of Telehealth visits and how to code,  FAQs such as "If the video connection is lost during and AV visit, how do you report the service?" Are there telephone visits that can be reported lasting longer than 30 minutes?  What we can expect once the PHE ends...which is coming soon
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