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Behaviorand Mental Health: Sustainable Telehealth Model

Starting Year 3 of the Pandemic

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Starting Year 3 of the Pandemic - Telehealth Compliance Risks to Avoid in our New Normal Sonal Patel, CPMA, CPC, CMC, Acevedo Consulting Incorporated It is important for healthcare practitioners to understand the risks unique to the practice of telehealth, as well as risk management best practices, including:  Verify authorization to legally practice telehealth.  Safeguard patient/client data and comply with privacy regulations and disclosure protocols.  Monitor outcomes for clinical care and technical support.  Create and retain formal patient/client care records for all encounters.  Engage in continuing education to ensure key competencies.  Circumstances under which the patient needs to see a healthcare professional for an in-person visit.  Explanation of how care is to be documented and accessed.  Security, privacy and confidentiality measures to be employed.
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