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WW2022 - Consultant Malpractice Claims-Lawsuit Examples

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James D. Olsen, MBA, PMCA/National Liability Management, Inc. Business Law This session will discuss claims made against healthcare accountants and consultants. The discussion will include suggestions that might have aided in defending suits, and/or may have prevented the suit from having been filed. Some consultants believe insurance is not necessary. However, remember…you don’t have to do anything wrong to be sued! You’ll see this during our presentation. In fact, most of the claims made against our members we consider to be without merit. Nevertheless they had to be defended…at cost. Legal fees to defend our claims have averaged over $35,000 per case since the late 1980’s when PMCA began insuring healthcare consultants. Presenter Jim Olsen has managed the claims of PMCA members since the Association was formed in 1988. To date 250 claims have been filed against our consultants. This experience provides a very good perspective on claims causes and costs. We’ve found the most effective way to offer risk management/loss prevention advice if for audience participation. We encourage you to ask questions and share experiences.
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