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Behaviorand Mental Health: Sustainable Telehealth Model

AC2020 - Marketing Best Practices

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As healthcare consultants, we are always seeking innovative ways to consistently attract new business for our companies and new patients for our clients to ensure our mutual long term growth. However, after COVID-19 and the long awaited Google Update, there are specific and meaningful marketing tools and methods you must use to generate positive, profitable, and sustainable business for you and become an even greater resource to your clients. In this seminar, you will learn how to: • Effect of new Google algorithm – SERPS, Backlinks, New for new Original Content • Assessing the strength of your digital footprint in the age of AI • Best Digital Content to attract your best customers • Why Telehealth is hear to stay • Gaining Social Media Influencer Status – how to engage with other influencers, generate referrals, and become an influence yourself • Reputation Management – how to ensure your individual and corporate ratings are genuine and how they affect SERPS • Measure your ROI
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