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Behaviorand Mental Health: Sustainable Telehealth Model

AC2020 - Three Yeses to Treatment Acceptance

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Get them to want to say YES! You've greeted them with warmth, delivered high quality care, and presented on in-depth treatment plan; and yet, the patient is reluctant to say "yes" to treatment. Does this scenario sound familiar? Now, add the complication of Covid19! If so, you're not alone! With a clear, concise treatment plan and empathetic presentation, your biggest difficulty will be managing to find time in your full schedule for EVERY patient wanting to begin ASAP. Course Objectives: • Create a team of experts in their roles and presentations • Compartmentalize information shared with patients, allowing for singular, consecutive decisions • Increase value of diagnosed dental procedures • Add emotion to the patient's decision, rather than just fact based delivery • Make affordability easy
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