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NSCHBC Bylaws & Ethics Committee

NSCHBC Bylaws & Ethics Committee

Bylaws and Ethics Committee Chair
Maxine Lewis, BA, CMM, CPC, CPC-I, CCS-P, CPMA







The Bylaws and Ethics Committee advises the Board of Directors on the interpretation of the Society Bylaws (but the Board of Directors shall have final authority to interpret the Bylaws with the advice of legal counsel) and shall appoint a Parliamentarian for each Membership Meeting whose decisions as to procedure will be final. The Committee has the responsibility for the enforcement and maintenance of the Code of Ethics.

The Bylaws and Ethics Committee Chair must oversee the currency and enforcement of the bylaws. More specifically, the chair person must:
* Know the bylaws of the NSCHBC
* Ensure that the organization functions in accordance with bylaws and standing rules.
* Ensure that meetings are conducted in accordance with parliamentary procedure.
* Perform any and all other duties as specified in the organization bylaws.

The Role of the Bylaws and Ethics Committee

After the bylaws have been approved and adopted by the organization, the bylaws committee makes copies available in all areas where the organization’s business takes place. For organizations with paid staff, the committee supplies management with the bylaws and requires them to apply the relevant sections to employees’ job descriptions. Policies and procedures referenced in the bylaws must be implemented in the areas where they apply, such as the hiring and compensation policies for staff recruitment.

The committee follows the same process for updates as it does for the original draft by reworking the wording where necessary, circulating the revised version and tabling it for approval at a board meeting. The bylaws should specify if board approval is sufficient for minor changes, or if the revised bylaws require member adoption before implementing the changes.

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for presenting proposed bylaws changes to the membership providing the current bylaw and the bylaw as it would be read if amended.

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