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NSCHBC Marketing Committee

NSCHBC Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee Chair
Carl White







The purpose of the NSCHBC Marketing Committee is to promote the public image of the Society. We further this goal through efforts conducted via social media and the internet, press opportunities, opportunities to be vendors at other conferences, interfacing and supporting independent physician organizations, and work on materializing opportunities presented by the Executive Committee.

The Committee Chairs communicate the vision, purpose, and tasks that are delegated to the committee.

The Marketing Committee’s mission is to promote the business, public image, purpose, new membership, certification, and the financial well-being of the NSCHBC.

The Role of the Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee consists of individuals who have various levels of knowledge in marketing, including some with little experience, as this nurtures out-of-the-box thinking that allows us to further the vision.

The Committee has worked to initiate and develop social media channels for the Society, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The Committee promotes the Society membership by allowing by-line and interview opportunities to its members. The Marketing Committee also interfaces and supports other committees. For example, they helped the Technology Committee in assisting with the design and updates of the Society website. The Committee also supports the Vendor, Statistics, Membership, and Certification committees in communicating significant events via social media.

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