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Specialists Professional Designations

Specialists Professional Designations

The curriculum of each Specialist program consists of components of the comprehensive CHBC. Those components include two different curricula: 1) Practice Accounting and Finance (PAFS), and 2) Practice Management & Operations(PMOS).
The member may complete each Specialist Program years apart, and once both programs have been completed, the member will be considered a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant, qualified to use the comprehensive CHBC designation, with its all of its privileges and responsibilities.

Practice Accounting and Finance Specialist (PAFS) Curriculum:

Professional Standards
Organizational Governance
Financial Management
Revenue Cycle Management
Billing and Coding
Information Management
Regulatory Compliance
Retirement Plans

Practice Management & Operations Specialist (PMOS) Curriculum:

Professional Standards
Business Management
Human Resources Management
Revenue Cycle Management
Business Operations
Regulatory Compliance
Quality Management
Information Management
Risk Management

Review Courses for the PAFS or PMOS Exam

The review courses are designed to expand on the core body of knowledge you have already gained thus far in your professional career. These are not a courses on how to become a healthcare business consultant.

Live Review — available at the next in-person Annual Conference

The live review course is an interactive course in which the registrants and instructors interact face-to-face in a class room setting during the NSCHBC's Annual Conference. The live course is presented by NSCHBC certification instructors and the registrant gains the added advantage of learning with peers and networking with other Society members attending the Annual Conference. A proctored exam session is held the last day of the course to allow students to take the exam while the information is fresh in their minds. The cost of the Live Review for the PAFS or PMOS Exam is $1550.

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Online Review

The online review course for the PAFS or PMOS Exam is a self-paced, web based, course that allows the registrant to view slides that are per-recorded and narrated by the standard NSCHBC certification course instructors. The registrant is allotted 90 days to complete the review course and to schedule a testing session, thus making it possible to work around a busy professional schedule. Additionally, this method facilitates the ability to review specific content as often as possible, depending on individual learning needs. The cost of the Online Review is $1250.
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PAFS or PMOS Exam Only

The CHBC Certification Examination is a 4-hour, online exam consisting exclusively of multiple-choice questions. The questions have been developed to examine the knowledge and application of principles that are applicable to both medical and dental practices. The cost of taking the exam is $600.
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Self-Study Review

For Members that are interested in a self-study curriculum or to supplement an NSCHBC Review Course, our certified instructors recommend supplemental materials in the subject areas, including but not limited to the following:

Suggested Supplemental Reading List for CHBC Candidates
1. Financial Management of the Medical Practice // J. Max Reiboldt.
2. The Medical Entrepreneur // Steven M Hacker MD.
3. Fundamentals of Medical Practice Management //Stephen Wagner.
4. Secrets of Best-Run Practices 3rd Edition //Judy Capko.
5. Encyclopedia Of Practice And Financial Management 3rd Edition // PMIC.
6. The High-Performing Medical Practice //Owen J Dahl MBA LFACHE CHBC.
7. Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice // Owen J. Dahl & Frank Cohen.

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