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Physician Practice Revenue: Front Desk Collections

NSCHBC Edge Podcasts - Episode 42

Physician Practice Revenue: Front Desk Collections

More than 100,000 doctors have left private practice and become employees of hospitals and other corporate entities since 2019. Today, nearly 3 in 4 physicians are employees of larger health care entities or other corporations — a record high.

The cost of managing a medical practice — whether in primary care or a specialty practice — has surged. Not to mention, reimbursement rates from Medicare have not kept pace with higher operational costs. So how does a physician make sure they are collecting all that is due to them, not just from insurance payers, but where it begins: At the front desk?

In today’s NSCHBC Edge Podcast, Healthcare Business Consultant David Zetter and Terry Fletcher, discuss front desk collections, making sure you have the right staff at the front desk and billing office to collect those out of pockets and share of costs. How to manage workflows, and how to insure you are getting every penny you are entitled to.

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