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AI In Healthcare: The New Frontier

NSCHBC Edge Podcasts - Episode 44

AI In Healthcare: The New Frontier

In the setting of AI - Artificial Intelligence - Healthcare is running head first into possible risk. In this month’s episode of the NSCHBC Edge Podcast Terry and Vinny Sankaran tackle the PROS and CONS of AI in Healthcare.

Data suggests AI helps health providers practice their profession and invest their time in engaging with patients rather than spending time on transcribing notes and administrative work. Also, when used safely and appropriately, this could exponentially expand evidence-based medicine to improve health outcomes and people-centered care.

However, there are some CONS. Risks from AI include poor outcomes from algorithms (due to bias, low-quality data, lack of transparency, or usage in inappropriate contexts) which is a concern. HIPAA issues are a concern as well as cyber-hackers. We look at the current and future landscape of AI in Healthcare.

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