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Provider Relief Funding (PRF) took on many faces

NSCHBC Edge Podcasts - Episode 5

Provider Relief Funding (PRF) took on many faces, PPP1 and PPP2, EDIL, HHS Funding and more. Are you prepared for Tax Season?

During the COVID-19 pandemic a lot has happened: the shutdowns, the halting of elective surgeries and procedures, the pivot to telehealth, and a decline in patient encounters.

The healthcare community had to figure out how they would financially stay afloat during the PHE. Provider Relief Funding came in the form of HHS Funds, EIDL, PPP, AAP and more.

In this episode of the Edge Podcast, Terry Fletcher welcomes Jennifer Pemble CPA CFE, CHBC, of Warren Averett, to discuss all of the offerings and answer pertinent questions.

What is a loan versus a grant or forgiven funding? And what are the rules and regulations on keeping it?

Also, Terry and Jennifer discuss the second round of PPP2, and other SBA options, to determine your possibilities due to economic uncertainty versus necessity.

Join us for this important topic in the Business of Medicine and provider-relief funding.

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