A New Approach to Revenue Cycle Management

March 17th, 2021 at 11:00am EST

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Medical and Dental practices have been setting up revenue cycle management the same way for decades since Marcus Welby roamed the Earth. Those old policies and procedures never worked and created a reactive situation to cash flow. Well, times have change and revenue cycle management has to change as more and more practice revenue is collected from the patient’s pocket versus insurance payments. If you don’t change, you will be left behind in a practice trying to stay afloat or selling out to a health system.

There is a better way.

Taking a proactive stance in your revenue cycle policies and procedures to ensure “Predictive Cash Flow”. Tried and true policies and procedures that will change your life and your practice for the better, forever. This is the stuff that guarantee’s a practice manager or billing manager’s seat at the table and justifies your position.

Join David Zetter in understanding what changes need to be made to guarantee your practice’s success and remove the back-end RCM work (chasing money) that takes so much of your staff time and effort.

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Presented by:
      PESC, CMA,
     Zetter HealthCare
     David Zetter is the founder and lead consultant with Zetter HealthCare in
     Mechanicsburg, PA and has over 30 years of operational and healthcare experience.
     He is also the current President of the NSCHBC. David is well versed in regulatory
     requirements, revenue cycle management, provider enrollment, credentialing and
contracting, compliance, coding and documentation. He is &considered an expert on Medicare regulatory requirements.
Social Media handles:
• Twitter: @djzetter
• LinkedIn: in/djzetter

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